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Runway De-icer


Runway De-icer manufactured by Eastman Chemical Company

Since 2019, Kanto Chemical Industry has appointed as distributor in Japan for runway deicing (ground deicing) products manufactured by Eastman Chemical Company.
Eastman deicing products have top ranked market share in EU, and receiving great reptation from customers due to its product characteristics.
In addition, it is a product with a very low environmental load and is highly evaluated in the market from the viewpoint of sustainability.
All products are conformed to international standard (SAE / AMS) and can be used in the aviation field (runways in airports, ramp areas, etc.).

Product Name
Principal component
Dangerous goods classification
Clearway🄬 F1 Potassium formate
AMS1435 IBC(1,000L)
Not applicable
Clearway🄬 1 Potassium acetate
Clearway🄬 3
Clearway🄬 SF3 Sodium formate
AMS1431 BAG(1,000kg,500kg,25kg)
Clearway🄬 6S Sodium acetate
The above products are chemical products that have de-icing and anti-icing effects.
Please use fluid or solid without diluting.
If ice thickness is greater than 3 mm on ground, deicing operation by using both liquid and solid products is recommended.
If our recommendations which is suitable for your deicing operation are required, please let us know the conditions (weather, ground temperature, spray machine,…) which our deicing products will be used.

Eco Airport

Our products which have excellent environmental adaptability will be effective measures in order for realization of "eco-airport operation".
* Eco Airport Operation: This policy was recommended by JCAB(Japan Civil Aviation Bureau). Airports should take some of measures to "protect the environment" in and around the airport.
Product Name
pH BOD※1 COD※2 Bulk Density
Clearway🄬 F1 10.5-11.5 90 mgO2/g 110 mgO2/g 1.33 - 1.35 g/㎤ (20℃)
Clearway🄬 1 10.5-11.5 210 mgO2/g 330 mgO2/g 1.25 - 1.30 g/㎤ (20℃)
Clearway🄬 3 10.5-11.5 250 mgO2/g 320 mgO2/g 1.25 - 1.30 g/㎤ (20℃)
Clearway🄬 SF3 8.0-11.0 100㎎O2/g 210mgO2/g 800-900kg/㎥
Clearway🄬 6S 8.0-11.0 320㎎/O2/g 561㎎O2/g 600-700kg/㎥