Quality Control

Quality Control based on International Standards

At KCI, we have created international standard based In-house standards.
To meet the higher requirements of our customers, we have added stricter control and testing items to ensure our quality control is appropriate for each and every product.
We conduct a wide range of tests including the following:
- Various tests in accordance with the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
- Chelating value
- Effective chlorine
- Alkalinity test
- Quantitative test of sodium percarbonate
- Effective oxygen content
- Analysis using an absorption spectrophotometer specialized for powder products
- Measurement of powder particle size
- Degree of collapse in solidified powder, etc.
Precise and accurate tests are also conducted on a daily basis for additional inspection items that our customers request.


Aiming for trust through strict management

Kilfrost's aircraft de-icing products are manufactured under strict quality control and production management based on international standards such as ASTM and SAE, and are approved by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
At KCI, not only the quality control department, but all employees are conscious of quality and strive to improve management skills.
Quality control and auditors at leading companies in Japan and overseas have highly evaluated our achievements and efforts, and have placed their trust in our quality control capabilities.

Analysis Devices

Name of Device
Automatic Titration System
2 Measurement of chelating value, alkalinity, and chlorine
Absorption Spectrophotometer
1 Enzyme analysis of products
Electric Micropipettor
2 Used during measuring with absorption spectrophotometer
Large air velocity draft chamber
2 Prevention of exposure to enzymes (safety measures)
Particle size distribution analyzer
1 Particle size measurement of products
Powder Caking Tester
2 Measures degree of collapse in solidified product powder
Rotary Powder Compactor
1 Equipment used to evenly separate powders
Brookfield Viscometer
2 Measurement of Liquid Viscosity
Abbe Refractometer
1 Measurement of refractive index in liquid products