Rust prevention/Protection Product
Seal Peel HOT TYPE

Seal Peel HOT TYPE

Protective coating that protects valuable assets from scratches, dirt and rust

画像 The seal peel hot type melts when heated and hardens when cooled at normal temperature.
The seal peel melted by heating covers the surfaces of objects, and cures along the surface shapes to complete the coating.
The coating formed after curing adheres to the object and exerts the effect of preventing rust, scratches, and stains.
In addition, the peeled film can be reused by overheating and melting.
It is highly evaluated as a primary rust preventive material during transportation and storage of products (semi-finished products).

HotType Precautions

  • Before using the seal peel, be sure to clean the parts (dirt, moisture, fingerprints, etc.).
     Inadequate cleaning can cause rust.
  • For melting the seal peel, please use a dedicated melting tank for "appropriate temperature control" and "ensuring your safety during use".
    Improper temperature control (excessive heating or low temperature overheating) will result in poor seal peel quality.
  • Be careful not to get burned, and never carry the tank with the melted seal peel as it may cause an accident.
  • If necessary, use protective equipment and be sure to ventilate during work.
  • For other precautions, please refer to the individual catalog of each product.

Hot type product overview

There is a detailed explanation of each product from the link in the "Type" column.
Type Product number Characteristic Function Functionr Color Sales unit SDS
TYPE-1 #011 Standard product
(Short-term rust prevention / less than 1 year)
【anti-rust, anti-damage】
Anti-corrosion and protection for drills, tools, gauges, end mills, cutters, and other sharp blades.
Protection of valves and other precision metal parts.
Light yellow 5kg box
20kg box
25kg box
#011-CN MIL standard compliant product
(long-term rust prevention storage)
【anti-rust, anti-damage】
Rust prevention and damage prevention for products that require long-term storage.
Rust prevention and damage prevention of products under high humidity conditions such as sea transportation.
Light yellow 5kg box
20kg box
25kg box
TYPE-2 #151 Excellent chemical resistanceNot affected by chemicals such as plating and alumite treatmentSlightly odorous 【For chemical resistant work such as plating and surface treatment】
Pickling of metal products, alkaline cleaning, masking for corrosive processing (curing) and masking for plating, sandblasting and other parts that require chemical resistance.
Red 5kg box
20kg box
25kg box

Tank type

Model Inner dimensions(mm)
Super small size(SS)
100(W)×100(L)×100(H) 100V 0.8kW Rubber foot
Small size(S-10)
150(W)×150(L)×250(H) 100V 1.2kW Rubber foot
Medium size(M-20)
200(W)×250(L)×250(H) Single-phase200V
2.6kW Caster
Big size(L-30)
200(W)×400(L)×350(H) Three-phase200V
4.0kW Caster
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