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Seal Peel

about Seal Peel

If you really care for it, SealPeel is the best Choice.

You must have experience that

-costly parts had not been going to work due to a damage or rust.

-you have a problem for packaging of industrial material because of the great expense.

-you do not have an idea for packaging large size precision equipment.

Seal Peel is the best solution for such troubles. It offers you a strong protection and an anti-rust effect by its coated layer. Also, you can peel the layer easily when you use the object. In addition, SealPeel adheres tightly at the surface of the objects, this product is widely used as a masking agent for painting, plating and chemical milling.

We have two types of Seal Peel.

One is Hot Type and other is Cold Type. You can choose them depending on your application. Please click the below rink button to go to the product explanation page.

sealpeel hot

sealpeel cold