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Seal Peel

Seal Peel HOT TYPE

Synthetic resin based, Dipping Coating.

Seal Peel Hot Type is plastic based solid material at normal temperature which includes anti-rusting and stabilizing agent, melt by heating and back to be a solid form again as it cools down. With this nature, Seal Peel Hot Type can wrap materials and protect them from rust, scratch and impact shock. Also, used material after peeling off can be used again by heating for fusion.

How to use Seal Peel Hot Type

<HOT TYPE Instruction for use>
  • The object or the part for the object shall be cleaned from stain, moisture, finger prints and so on before use, for that they would not be the cause of a rust.
  • Use dedicated melting tank for proper control of the temperature.
  • Do not carry melting tank while it's hot. Be careful not to get burned.
  • Use necessary protection gear.
  • See warnings and instructions in MSDS and separate catalogues.

Summary of product characteristics for Hot Type

TYPE Product # Special Features Application
TYPE-1 #011 Standard (about one year) rustproof Heavy anticorrosive, and heavy anti damage. Protection for drills, bites, gages, endmill cutters, and cutting blades. Protection of valves and other precision metal parts. Damage proof of glass and others.
#011-CN Equivalent to MIL standard specifications.(for long term storage) Heavy anticorrosive,and heavy anti damage. For the case and material requires strong masking and protection performance equivalent to MIL specifications. Conform to the long term storage for rustproof and the ocean transportation under the high humidity conditions.
TYPE-2 #151 Superior anti chemicals performance.No violation by the chemicals for plate and Alumite treatment. Slightly odor material. Anti chemicals works for plate and surface treatment. Masking for acid and alkaline washeing of the metal, corrosion deposition, plating, sand blast, and the part required for anti chemicals.

Specifications of Melting Tanks

Type Size (mm) Voltage Electric Capacity(KW) Remarks
S-10 150Wx150Lx250H 100 V single phase 1.2 Rubber Stand
M-20 200Wx250Lx250H 200 V single phase 2.6 Caster
L-30 200Wx400Lx350H 200 V 3 phase 4.0 Caster